Client Experience: Roxxy


1. What brought you to Elizabeth Craig for a session?

The first session was for my husband's birthday. I wanted to do something special and mind-blowing. I wanted to show him how much I appreciated all he'd done for me and my family. Through all the life changes we'd been through at that time, I wanted to remind him the girl he fell in love with and thought was the prettiest girl he'd ever seen was still in here. Even though heels had turned into Uggs and VS sweats. And to be honest, I did it to show myself.

My wonderful sequel was not an option, it was a must. I needed to take back the power I'd lost in my life, in me, in everything. My world was slowly crumbling with the loss of my parents so close together. My health. My family. Me. As a person I felt myself fading away. I knew the only person who could give that back to me was Elizabeth.

2. What, if anything, would have been an obstacle or fear that would have prevented you from a session with Elizabeth?

My first session was fear and insecurity. It required me stepping out of my comfort zone and baring it all. Baring it all not just with my body but my mind, my love for myself, allowing myself to be vulnerable. Something I was raised not to do.

Aww, the second time you'd think would've been easier, but it wasn't. I had to admit and face something I'd been struggling with and hiding from everyone in my life including my family. I was diagnosed with a Central Nervous Disease right before my Father had passed. I spent more time at doctors than anywhere else. I didn't want to scare my kids so I hid my progressing symptoms. My husband was in denial and not the most supportive. So I tried not to bother him.

I was embarrassed and ashamed. Everything about me started to change. From the way I walked, talked, sat, stood. The changes my body was being forced to make. I'd watched my Mother suffer for years, she became unrecognizable. She hated pictures before and despised them even more after. I knew I was going to get worse. I wanted to remember me the way I was. I needed to own my problems and move past them so I could deal better. Elizabeth and her husband helped me do that.


3. How did you expect the experience of the session to be for you vs. how you feel the experience actually was for you (if there was a difference at all)?

I expected it to be uncomfortable and scary. Both sessions were liberating, comfortable, fun, confidence boosting. Nothing like I thought. I walked out loving myself more and caring less what others thought. Gave me strength.

4. What was your favorite part of your session?

I think probably around the second outfit change. You look at yourself in the mirror and you're like, "I got this shit!" You loosen up and start having fun. She makes you feel that way. My absolute favorite part was getting to know Elizabeth. She's truly amazing. She's not just a photographer or artist. She's inspiration. She's what you want to be. Strong, caring, personable. She definitely leaves a mark. I was lucky enough to meet her husband who is equally amazing.

Seeing the pictures after. You're nervous thinking you'll hate all of them. You're ready to critique every inch of your body, but instead you see you. The way she captures your eyes in the light. How cute the smirk you made when you didn't think she was shooting. What makes her the best and my favorite is it's you, you see. Too many people Photoshop to the extreme.


5. Have you noticed any differences in yourself since your session / Do you feel the same about your inner/outer beauty or has that self-perception changed at all in a positive way, and if so, did that feeling last for you / Do you see yourself differently now? If so, what are those changes?

I definitely noticed a difference. She brought my sexy back. Sometimes we get caught in this rut where we forget who we are. Our lives are about our kids, husbands, housework, work, sports, play dates, ect. We feel selfish or wrong when we want our "own" time or a new pair of shoes. Just because we become mothers and wives does not mean we have to lose ourselves. We can be it all and feel damn good doing it too. I don't choose to fit into what society says a "mother" should be, do, or act like.

6. How do you define “beautiful" and has that changed, been strengthened or weakened since your session?

Beauty comes from within. It comes in all shapes and sizes but most importantly it comes from confidence. Owning it. Being yourself. Beautiful is not fake. Not allowing others to decide what beautiful should be for you.

Both sessions strengthened that. Meeting and talking to Elizabeth and John made me feel like no matter what happened or changed all the things I could not control could not take away my beauty unless I let it. And that isn't happening anytime soon.


7. Would recommend that women in your life have a session with Elizabeth? Would you refer your friends/family?

For sure! I've recommended her to anyone and everyone I know. I wish I could've got my Mom a session.

8. What are 3 words to describe how you felt about your experience with Elizabeth before the actual session?




9. What are 3 words to describe how you felt about your experience with Elizabeth as you were leaving the studio after your session? Do those feelings still ring true for you?

Confidence boosting




Keeps me going everyday!!!

10. Is there anything else you would like to add?

It can be just a wonderful experience or it can be life changing. You take what you need from it. We all need different things. Somehow Elizabeth is able to figure that out and give it to you.