Client Experience: Irina


1. What brought you to Elizabeth Craig for a session?

My birthday was coming. I wanted to celebrate this event. My event, so I decided to do something for myself only!

2. What, if anything, would have been an obstacle or fear that would have prevented you from a session with Elizabeth?

This gift (photo session) to myself was a luxury treat. And for a while I had this "mommy guilt"- I could have sent my kids to camp or bought something for my kids with the money I am about to spend on myself...and so on... BUT then I came to the realization that sometimes to make everybody happy you need to be happy yourself. So you can spread the happiness around.This session WILL make me happy because I really want it. So, I did it! No regrets!!


3. How did you expect the experience of the session to be for you vs. how you feel the experience actually was for you (if there was a difference at all)?

My secret agenda was achieved! I felt special, I felt good and I felt happy. I never had makeup done professionally, I never had my hair done professionally. It was a good feeling. From my personal experience I learned that sometimes it is not "healthy" to have any expectations. It is better to go with the flow because when you set a certain level of expectations in your mind, you set the bar. And if the reality is not what you drew in your mind, the whole experience will be ruined. I did not want that, I wanted that day to be memorable for me, memorable in a special way. And ... it was!

4. What was your favorite part of your session?

Frankly, I can not determine my favorite part. It comes as a whole memorable event. I can't cut it in chunks and favor one part over others. At the beginning you have that fear of the unknown- what outfits will be chosen, what makeup style will fit you better. Then you feel excited when the whole thing starts- you pose, get into weird poses (which turn out to be awesome poses for the right picture!!). Here you start changing for another scene, and every scene is getting more exciting than the previous because you open up, you warm up for the camera. You start to feel it! After comes the big reveal. Not less exciting than the photo session itself. You get to see new YOU. "Oh, as it turns out I can look like THAT!! WOW!"


5. Have you noticed any differences in yourself since your session / Do you feel the same about your inner/outer beauty or has that self-perception changed at all in a positive way, and if so, did that feeling last for you / Do you see yourself differently now? If so, what are those changes?

I did not experience any dramatic changes but it does not mean that day did not affect me. But I learned to accept my body. I accepted the way my body looks. Every single woman is beautiful. It's all in our heads. Change the "angle" and it will change the perspective.

6. How do you define “beautiful" and has that changed, been strengthened or weakened since your session?

For me "beautiful" is not only about the inner beauty. To be beautiful doesn't mean to wear size 0 and have Victoria's secret model proportions. To be beautiful means to be comfortable in your own body. Unfortunately it is easier to say than to do. This session helped me to realize it again and again and again. I hope it is carved right in my brain! If not then I should repeat the"treatment" :))

7. Would recommend that women in your life have a session with Elizabeth? Would you refer your friends/family?

I think every woman has to go through this experience. Celebrate life, celebrate yourself, celebrate beauty in yourself. We all deserve it. Of course I would refer my friends. Such an event need to happen in our busy lives at least once, so we can refer to these memories when we feel blue:)

8. What are 3 words to describe how you felt about your experience with Elizabeth before the actual session?

it is happening!!!!!!

9. What are 3 words to describe how you felt about your experience with Elizabeth as you were leaving the studio after your session?

Beautiful, Fearless, Confident.

10. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you!!!