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Do you offer payment plans

No. I have encouraged past clients seeking a payment plan to design one for themselves that works for them and it has worked beautifully for them.

will you help prepare me for my session

Absolutely! I have a full, complete, and beautiful Preparation Guide that will help with every little detail. However, questions will still arise, in which case I am at your disposal.


do i provide my own wardrobe

Yes. I do have an array of clothing that you will have access to, however, I cannot guarantee styles or sizes. Therefore, I recommend that every client bring wardrobe they love, since you know your body best.


do I have to include lingerie/boudoir in my session

Absolutely not! If you haven’t had a chance, hop on over to my Soul Sessions page. I find that traditional boudoir rarely gives enough range to satisfy every woman for her session. Some women prefer no boudoir/lingerie at all, and that’s just fine with me. You have so many options and you can absolutely mix and match styles in your session, such as beauty/fashion + branding + boudoir, or you can choose all one style, mix 3 or mix 2. The choice is yours!


Will you edit my images

Yes. However, as my quest with each client is to encourage full body love, I prefer to edit, but not retouch. I remove everything that will not be there in 2 weeks, such as blemishes, bruises, scratches and blotchy skin tones. I will also remove small scars, if requested. Large scars from cosmetic surgery procedures may come at an additional fee, depending on size. I do smooth skin * slightly *, with an emphasis on natural, to take focus off of wrinkles, cellulite and stretch marks, but my goal is to make you look your best while still allowing your photos to look like you, therefore, complete removal is not a goal of mine. :) If you prefer full retouching there is an additional fee.


where will my session take place

Your session will take place in my home, which as been designed and decorated specifically for photography, as well as a cool dwelling space. I have 4 different areas/sets to photograph in and often change things up a bit for fresh looks. The only exception to this is my living room wall, which does not change for any photoshoot.


Will you help pose me and help with facial expressions

You betcha! I have learned quite a few tricks of the trade in my 15 years of photography, so you can bet I have your back for all of that. I strategically pose to make you look your best and work one-on-one with you to ensure your photos are exactly what you want them to be.


Is hair & makeup provided

Yes. My professional stylist will be there to make you look and feel your best! She will work with you to ensure you look just like you, just up a notch.


can I bring a friend

In order for me to be able to provide you with the best experience, we need to connect and I find it is more difficult to do that when a friend or family member is present. The only exception to this rule are high school seniors. Yes mom, you’re welcome to join us. ;-) Otherwise I prefer that only you attend your session. It will only be you and me in attendance at your session, unless you choose Collection One, in which case my stylist will be present for the duration of your session as well (and you’ll LOVE her!)


How long will my session take

Depending on which Collection you choose, your session will last 3 to 4 hours.


how long will it take to view my photos

I now offer same-day Photo Previews. After your session you will go to our local Starbucks with a complimentary $5 gift card from me (I know…so fancy shmancy of me, right?) I will edit your photos and you will return within 90 minutes. We will gush over your gorgeous photos and go right into designing and ordering your products right there. By the time you leave, everything will be ordered and on its way! Most products are delivered within 3 to 4 weeks.