Time + Patience + Dedication = Success

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This is the big secret (that really is no secret). This is THE formula to your success so if you’re looking for a recipe, you just found it.

Meet Dawn. She is an incredibly successful realtor and business owner here in Pittsburgh. She knew she needed some additional exposure for her business and some help building an audience and getting her name out there. We were thrilled to have been the team she chose to work with.

We brainstormed to come up with something that Dawn could really sink her teeth into and that would bring her personality front and center to her business because we knew her humor and her heart were the ingredients we wanted to highlight in her business. Our approach was to turn Dawn into her own one-woman show that was everything “Pittsburgh”, along with highlighting her talents as an agent.

It took everything in that formula to get Dawn going and I have to say: she is an EXTRAORDINARY example of time, patience and dedication. Over a period of about a year this woman created almost 40 (FORTY FORTY FORTY!!!!!) films with us!

Listen, you don’t have to hire us but these 2 things I know are true: video is Queen and consistency is King. The former is what EVERY social media platform wants to see, and are rewarding you with lots of exposure for it, and the latter is a necessity or you’re wasting your time.

It took Dawn about 6 months to really start seeing the benefits of her efforts. Now, when she walks into a room we hear this: “Hey! You’re Dawn! I saw you on all of those videos!” And that, my friends, is music to my ears and money in her bank.

You don’t have to take my word for it; take Dawn’s. Why? Because she totally gets it. She gets that to get ahead you have to be willing to do what most business owners are not: put in a giant chunk of time, call on your deep reserves of patience, and add that to unlimited amounts of dedication. That’s when you get to claim that “S” word.


Here is juuuuuust the tiniest taste of a few of Dawn’s films.

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