The Art & Business Boudoir Conference: April, 2020

The Art & Business of Boudoir Conference 2020

YES!! You read that right! BOUDOIR conference. BOUDOIR CONFERENCE!!! I am so excited to share with you that The Art & Business of Boudoir Conference will be held at the Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ on April 5 through April 9, 2020.

Interested? YEAH YOU ARE! Read on, dear friend…

Almost a year ago, as I cruised the internet researching boudoir photography education material and workshops, I realized that not only is there not a lot of group educational opportunities for boudoir photographers, but there is also a lack of cohesion, community and support. I also considered how our beloved genre of boudoir photography was still considered an outsider and bastard to the overall photography industry, barely being included in educational spaces that we definitely deserved a seat at the table, let alone have our own massive gathering in our own right. 

And then it hit me…why was I getting all sad and mopey when coming up short in my search for a conference or symposium for our genre that someone else was organizing, when I could just damn well do it myself?!

It’s been a whirlwind, a never-ending Nascar loop, and a trip to outer space ever since! 

During this 5-day event, you will have access to the top industry leaders in boudoir and editorial photography, like Lindsay Adler, Jen Rozenbaum, Michael Sasser, Marissa Boucher of the Boudoir Divas, Ryan Muirhead, Taylor Oakes, Sarah Witherington of OWN Boudoir, Luke Gottlieb of Victor of Valencia, Lesley Bodwell, and yes…ME…did I mention ME!?!

The Art & Business of Boudoir Conference 2020 Speakers

There will be lectures that will blow you mind. Hands-on shoot experiences that will catapult your skills into the stratosphere. Shooting bays that will not only give you countless opportunities to practice, but to also build your portfolio. 

Not to mention parties, cocktails, prizes, selfie stations and giveaways! 

COME! ON! How are you even still sitting in your chair?!?! I’ve known about this for like 8 months and I’m PEEING MYSELF right now!

You too? I knew it!! 

Your next step is to head on over the website where you can read all about the adventure that awaits you and grab your tickets!

Did you REALLY think this stopped right here?? Ohhhhhh….you know me so little…

In addition to wanting to create a luxurious, one-of-its-kind educational event that would blow the minds of every attendee, my goal was to create an ongoing, ever-present collective of inspiration, community, support, and respect, with access to education of the highest standards being led by the industry’s most successful and sought after educators. 

With that, I would also like to introduce you to The Art & Business of Boudoir, a collective for boudoir and editorial photographers! This collective is meant to be your 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week community that also just so happens to hold a fantabulous conference every year. Instantly gain free access to our private Facebook group, educational podcasts, weekly challenges, our Marketplace filled with educational content from photographers all over the world, plus so much more. Should you choose to join our complimentary membership through our site, you will also gain access to our entire community of fellow photographers, exclusive opportunities for guidance and growth that is designed to inspire you to create, flourish and succeed in your business, discounts on Marketplace content, exclusive contests and giveaways, special pricing on future conferences, workshops and retreats, Hotseat submissions, and yes…so much more! 

The Art & Business of Boudoir

So guess what? I’m going to ask you out on a date. You + Me next year at The Art & Business of Boudoir Conference. And since I know you just can’t wait that long to hang out with me, come find me in the ABOB membership site and Facebook Group and we’ll grab a cocktail!

Here’s to a mahvelous future together, dahling!



PS—thinking this isn’t for you? Well don’t keep it a secret, love! Pass this on!!