Pittsburgh Maternity Boudoir Photographer-6.jpg

That is the number of times I have had the privilege of photographing this beautiful woman. I watched her go from girlfriend, to fiancé, to bride, and now to mama. There were a few things in between all of that too, which brings me to the number 6. Can you believe it?

One of my greatest joys and honors is to document women as they take steps down their path while creating their own history. It’s simply amazing to watch it all unfold. Even more surreal is to enter a client’s home and see my work on their walls. It still brings me to complete silence to know that those legacy photographs will outlive both her and me…and hopefully many many more generations to come.

After my mom passed I sat in her home and went through box after box after box after box of old photographs and it never hit home more than at that moment that you can NEVER document your life too much. I’m not talking about your Instagram account either. I’m talking about you. The real you. The you that is leaving her footprint on this earth. The one that changes the course of the wind with the sway of her hips and the path of her future with the spark in her eye.

Yep—that you.

Get to documenting, girl.