Sessions for Your Soul

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A session that is for you, designed around you, and defined by you.


There has been this lovely movement happening in the last decade+ and it has been simply delightful to watch it and be a part of it. Women are really starting to dig in deep with learning how to be good to themselves, take care of themselves, and see themselves in a completely different way. 

It started off with terms like “pampering” and “treating yourself” with such things as facials, manicures, gym time, nights out with gal pals, etc., and has beautifully become so much more. Now, self-care means something way more than a day at the spa (although that is still such a relished activity for me). Now, it encompasses womanhood in its totality, where we each individually fit into our own lives, going into our own souls to reevaluate who we are, what makes us happy, and realizing we are each so uniquely built that there needs to be a more profound commitment to finding out what all of that looks like for each of us.  What we are and who we are is so much more divinely and beautifully complex than we could ever have imagined

So, I have decided to rename my sessions. I have decided to give them a name and a description, explanation, and narrative that lovingly parallels with the many different identities and attitudes that belong to women, and celebrates how each woman combines them and wears them so uniquely.

And so I give to you: Soul Sessions.

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I’m finding that there needs to be more of an offering for these sessions, particularly for women coming into an age where introspection becomes a natural part of our evolvement. One specific style for a session is not enough for those of us that embrace and find joy in our complexities. We want more. We desire more. We deserve more.  For us, a session like this is solely for ourselves and it needs to look like what we look like, each of us, individually and uniquely. It needs to embrace our own distinctive visual interpretation of what defines provocative, powerful, and sensuous for each us.

I don’t know about you, but the older I get the more I want more for myself. The more I’m ok with my life being more about me and making room for my needs and my ideas and not really considering what opinions anyone else has about these things that are mine. I’ve reached an age where I’m much less interested in wasting time comparing myself to other women and much more interested in investing my time into embracing who I am, and all that that encompasses, while also finding plenty of room to celebrate other women and their own individuality.

I simply no longer have the inclination to permit the rest of the world to define what makes me a woman and how best to walk through this life fulfilling this gender in a way that makes everyone else comfortable. 

I know what confidence looks like to me. I know what sexiness looks like to me. I know what powerful looks like to me. I know what I see when I look at me: all 3 of these things and so much more…turning 46 the day before this posted and SO damn looking forward to 47 and all the years beyond that.

What do you see when you look at your Self? Whatever that is, let’s capture that. Let’s celebrate that. Let’s take one-hell-of-a-deep-dive into that and create an experience that you will never, ever forget.

I’m so ready for that. Are you?


My makeup and hair was done by me. All other makeovers were by AtHome Beauty.