Nothing Good Happens Quickly

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I heard this while listening to a podcast. It was almost an afterthought from the person speaking, but it was everything to me in that moment.

Being a self-professed “most impatient person on this planet” I find this to be a very profound statement. And the thing is, my life has been lesson, after lesson, after lesson, after lesson in learning to be more patient. 

When I look back on any and all of my achievements, successes and periods of joy I see how each were a result of myself giving each of those things so much time, effort and yes, patience. Though, may I admit that if there was patience and if there was a devotion of time to reach the blessed end result, it truly was because there was no other way around it. It certainly wasn’t because I accepted the value in divine timing; it was because I couldn’t trick it.

Divine timing. That’s a beautiful phrase, isn’t it? I have long let go of the youthful belief that someday “I’ll hit it big”. “It” being the lottery, famed professional success or yes…my undying commitment to being on the Oprah show…whatever show she has going on at the time. *sigh*

I’m ok with that. I can say that because I have taken the time to look back at the long-lasting relationships I’m lucky enough to have and compare them to the fleeting ones that came and went. I have taken the time to look back at the successes I had that came with so much pride and joy because when compared with the one-off misses, I see how my blood, sweat and tears were worth the wait. I can now see how the universe giggled at me in times of ego, believing I knew what was best for me at given times in my life, forging ahead as if I knew what I was doing and how to do it. Well, at least I brought the Divine some joy for a moment. 

I won’t say I have never had an unexpected moment of success, and those are lovely, I won’t lie. But they are fleeting and not lasting. There is simply something to be said for putting in your effort and time and then basking in the fruits of your labor.

Whatever it is you’re reaching for out there, it’s the worth the wait. I know…I sound like a bumper sticker, but you have to remember that bumper stickers get made into bumper stickers for a reason. All that time, energy and devotion you’re putting into your dream will be worth it. 

You just have to be…patient.

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