It's Not Just About You | Personal Branding Photography | Pittsburgh

I know…that might be a bit confusing, right? Personal branding…it’s personal. It’s supposed to be all about you. Who you are, what you do, your story. I get it.

However, I’m assuming you are selling a service or product, in which case, it’s just not all about you. Don’t forget to get those products photographed too and/or photography of you in midst of offering whatever services it is you offer. It’s super important to include those aspects in your branding visuals so that people get a sense of what it is that you really do.

When Jessica came in for a shoot, the first thing I grabbed was her bag full of goodies. While she relaxed getting her hair and makeup done, I focused on laydown photos of her products so that she could mix those in with her professional portraits of herself.

Remember to always balance your social media with lots of photos of other stuff other than your gorgeous mug. It lets people in on your world and anything you can do to put what you do in the spotlight is a good idea.