Getting the Shot

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If you’re looking to brand, you have to get the shot, right? But how does one do that? Good question. Here are 3 tips to getting the personal branding photos that are best for you.

  1. Choose the right photographer. That sounds pretty elementary but you’d be surprised how often I hear someone say, “Well, I wasn’t a big fan of his/her work, but I figured I could coach them through what I wanted.” Ehhhh (sounds the buzzer). Why would you give yourself that kind of headache and that kind of challenge?? The very first thing in getting the shot is finding what style of personal branding photography you’re attracted to. If you consistently like their work then you’re headed in the right direction.

  2. Choose the right clothing. Here is one thing that people fail to realize the most about clothing: you are not moving in a photograph. I can’t tell you how many times someone brings in a boxy shirt and upon seeing themselves in a still photo says, “Oh. I look so wide.” You don’t really notice that when you’re wearing it because you’re moving. We get to see you from the left, the right, from behind, on an angle…so we know what you look like in that shirt, fully. This doesn’t always work out in a shoot. Keep it simple with minimal to no patterns, make sure your material doesn’t easily wrinkle and make sure you feel good in your clothes. But most importantly: make sure your clothing is ON BRAND!

  3. Quit worrying about the background. Yes, I understand that sometimes fun props are needed and they can really up an image and keep you on-brand, but remember that the photos are about YOU. That giant bridge behind you doesn’t matter. Your potential clients want to see YOU. They want to get a good look at you and since you only have about 3 seconds to catch someone’s attention, I think you should use that time wisely.

There are so many more, but rule of thumb: keep it all super simple, don’t drive yourself crazy, and do your research. You’ll do just fine.

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