Fitness Fashion for All Body Types | Urbanfitco | Personal Branding Films

Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do. Not a punishment for what you ate. —Urbanfitco

SO SO SO excited to introduce to this powerhouse of a woman and her rockstar store to you! Meet KC. She’s a womanpreneur, fitness fashion guru and all around lovely lady. Every time I walk into her store it takes everything I have not to spend my entire bank account there. Her clothing is comfortable, fashionable, affordable, and I swear it’s made out of butter; I end up petting her clothing like a puppy…strange, but true.

KC found us when searching for a company that could help her brand her company in a unique way. When we met with KC, it was important for us to understand her message, her mission and the foundational reasoning upon which she built her business. Why? Because we built our business on dreams and heart with the belief that so long as our mission, at the end of the day, was to serve others then we’d always be a success. So we love working with like-minded entrepreneurs that we can connect with on that level.

KC told me the story of growing up always feeling self-conscious about her body type. She’s very close with her sister (and business partner), who happens to be straight-sized. When they would go shopping together KC specifically remembers not only rarely seeing any clothing made for her body, but also having to separate from her sister in any store to go on the hunt to find the separate section designated for her, if one existed. These experiences led to their brainchild: Urbanfitco. Her store is built on the premise that fashion is for every size and every size should have damn good fashion at their fingertips that makes them feel goooooooooooood, no matter what body type they are. Hearing that story, I knew we’d be a good fit for her.

Our style of multi-media branding is just that: multi. We utilize both photography and small films with the end-game target of raising brand awareness by focusing on audience and community building. These efforts result in gaining followers, increasing reach to different circles and markets, and getting your name on the lips and in the ears of everyone in your community. We use the same structure and template we created for our businesses that we began, have grown and sustained for 15 years, modifying it for each unique business to ensure it is specific to their needs and desired outcomes. So far…so good.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Urbanfitco or cruise their online store I highly recommend you take some time to do so. For me, anytime I can put my money somewhere that supports a local entrepreneur (a female one at that) that has a message of inclusiveness, support and strength…well…it makes me feel pretty good.

Who wants to go shopping with me??