Execution is the Most Important Part of Any Marketing Plan | Personal Branding Films & Photography | Pittsburgh

You can seriously have the BEST idea ever, with the BEST map ever, with the BEST intentions and if you do not have a solid plan of execution, you will fail. It simply does not matter how pretty the site is or how gorgeous the photos are or how educational the video is; if you have poor execution of whatever it is your are trying to get noticed for, you are not going to like the results.

I think one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when they are formulating their strategy is not to have a damn good execution strategy. What does that even mean? It means that all the hard work you put into all the stuff had to do to build your business needs to have a top-notch launching, branding, social media scheduling, sustainability and growth execution plan.

Ask yourself this: what strategy do you have in place to announce to the world that you have just come up with the BEST service or product that is about to change lives? Once you have launched said strategy, what strategy do you have in place to execute consistent growth, visibility, audience and community building? Once you get that going full steam ahead, what strategy do you have in place to execute sustainability?

Oof. Those are really big questions, right??

When we work with our clients, we instill a 3-tiered approach:

  1. Branding their business personally and professionally

  2. Social media scheduling

  3. Boots on the ground community building

That may seem simple, but the truth is we break that wayyyyyyyyyyy down with each of our clients. Some need super intense, start from scratch help. Some just need to have a drawing board to bounce things off of and others want a more collaborative experience. Our job is to figure out what each client needs and not only build a plan to make sure those needs are met, but to also ensure the proper execution plan is in place to make it all successful.

No matter how awesome your plans are, make sure that your execution plans are the most solid.