Don't Be Afraid of Your Own Power

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You know how sometimes there seems to be some kind of theme surrounding you during a specific time of your life, but for no apparent reason? Serendipitous moments, signs, conversations and introductions that keep coming up and when you look back, they all seem to be floating around one specific topic? Lately, for me, that theme or topic has been women that appear to be fearful of stepping into their own power.

I can be in a conversation, watching a show, or discussing a friend of a friend’s situation and there it is: a clear vision of this or that woman is standing behind her power, rather than in it. She’s watching it sway this way and that, with no direction while she keeps her distance from it, like repelling sides of 2 magnets pushing away from each other.

Power can be an intimidating thing, I get it. But I also think most women don’t really consider that they are actively participating in avoidance with their own power, rather than owning and directing it. Ask any woman: “Hey, you wanna be a powerful woman?” And she’s likely going to answer with quite the excited “YAS girl!” But the truth is that when power comes up for them to grab, hone or own, they don’t even realize that they push it away. Personal power comes with responsibility, you know. It means you have to live in reality. You have to nurture it, be responsible for it, own the actions you took while living in it. 

Greatness and living a BIG life seems so desirable, but the truth is, a lot of people shy away from it. There are a lot of reasons why, but I have found that mostly it’s either that they are comfortable in the safety and security of never really stepping into their personal power, or they are intimidated by their own power and therefore don’t know what to do with it. Either way, we’re breaking this down today.

First, you need to ask yourself if you are TRULY sitting in your own personal power and taking the time to nurture, grow and command it. How do you know if you are achieving this right now? By your answer to these questions:

What kind of life are you leading? Are you leading of life made of your dreams? Are you either waking each day to your dream life, or taking steps to get there?

You may have answered yes, but I want you to realllllllly think about this. I want you to write it down, suss it out, chew on it and roll it around in your bean. Most people *think* their life is but a dream, but in reality their power is sitting next to them bored to shit.

More times than not, I see women that have hitched their wagon to someone else’s power and they don’t even realize it. They are so afraid to step into their own powerful life, they align themselves with someone else that has mastered this task, believing they are chugging along, living the life they were meant to live.

So ask yourself: does your dream life or success (not money or fame...don’t get confused here...I mean a joyful life) depend on someone else’s power? 

If you answered no, I want you to take stock right now of how you’re sitting in your own power and what that looks like. What does that feel like? Are you making the best of it by recognizing and celebrating your Self and your power? Give yourself a big high five here, girl. Soak it in...

If you answered yes, I want you to go out and buy yourself the fanciest journal you can and start writing about it because it’s time to break this down, my sister. YOU are not living up to your full potential. YOU are not living your dream life, and YOU not living the inspired life you were meant to live.

Now listen, I don’t want you getting confused here. When I talk about being powerful, owning your power and ensuring your joyful life is being directed by you, and not anyone else, I know that there are folks that find all the joy they need and are actually living their best life by being behind the scenes. I am not saying you cannot live a BIG life or that you are not owning your own power if you’re the gal setting the stage, rather than taking the leading role. I am saying that you simply must review your life and make sure you’re doing exactly what you want to do, exactly how you want to do it and that you are relying on your own confidence, smarts, ideas and power to git it done. Are you the person directing your life, or are you hiding behind the person that is? Are you living to YOUR full potential??

Do the answers to these questions require some deep contemplation? If it does, I want you to face it head on. I want you to be excited to go down that rabbit hole. I want you to be brave and consider how much more content and fulfilling your life would be if YOU were the one in your own leading role in your own movie of your own life.

At the end of the day, we all just want to be acknowledged. We all want to make an impact. We all want to live our own inspired lives. I simply want you to be the 

one holding those reigns of that life. 

Courage is not defined by the size of the shield you put up to protect yourself; it is the acceptance and stepping into vulnerability that defines our personal power.

Let’s get powerful, ladies.