Are You a Loved One?

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For some reason, we women have to be given permission to enjoy ourselves, solely for ourselves. I think one of the hardest things for a woman to do is to invest in themselves. Yes, things like education, work clothes, a gym membership, or even a vacation or the occasional massage seems to get on the list of "items permitted for myself without too much guilt." Why is that? Why is luxury something that is only for the folks that have so much money and time, spending either or both on oneself isn't even a blip on the "self-imposed guilt" radar? It's so much easier when it's for someone else, isn't it? We will give up our time, patience, energy and even money without even thinking twice for a loved one. It's just in our nature to give, give, give, give (to infinity), even to our own detriment. We will sacrifice so much to make a loved one happy. As women we know how truly fulfilling that can be, but...

...why is it we can never see ourselves as a loved one?

I've had women contact me after their sessions and tell me they went out and bought a gym membership, changed their lifestyle, completely revamped their wardrobe and now wake up confident, happy and just....different. If you could do that...if you could feel that...what would you pay for it? Do you believe you're worth feeling that way? Do you believe your loved ones believe you deserve to feel that way? Have you asked them?

I'm not saying I have the power to change your view on yourself, though I am definitely your numero uno champion and cheerleader in my studio and totally wholeheartedly, without question. But I am saying that if this is something you find yourself realllllly wishing you could do, something you daydream about and even plan in your own head, I'm saying that maybe it's something you should really actually consider investing in, for you.

You are a loved one. Be it by your partner, children, friends and family. You are a loved one. When will you allow yourself to be your own loved one?

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