A Message of Love


That's what all of us got and gave with this shoot. I had no idea the social media frenzy this would create. I'm sure a lot of you generate buckets of attention on social media sites. I do not. I know I'm supposed to play that game; I'm just so bad at it. But on the day we threw out that sneak peek of Ryan's session...well...holy moly. Let's just say it got some attention. But what I love most about that attention was that every single comment was 200% positive. The love that everyone showed this beautiful young man was breathtaking. It gave me hope that during this time of unrest, everything will be ok.


Togetherness. That's what this shoot embodied for me. Togetherness in love, support, likenesses, differences, acceptance and most of all goodness. I could not have been happier and prouder to be a part of this shoot. Thank you to John, Hannah and especially Ryan. We make a damn fine team.This New Year is one of hope, love, challenging yourself and busting out of your comfort zone. That's what this shoot represents.

Who's ready to make that New Year's Resolution come to life?? I'm waiting for you...