Please Welcome Elizabeth Craig Education!

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Eeeeeek! I'm so excited to FINALLY share this with the world! Please welcome our newest baby: Elizabeth Craig Education! But FIRST let me also tell you that for my very first endeavor into ECE, you can catch me in Estes Park, CO on October 1 and 2 teaching a boudoir photography workshop! John will also be there capturing everything on film as I teach one day on posing (with live shooting) and another day on In-Person Sales. If you would like more information on how you can join me, take a moment to hop over to the Photo Rehab site. There will be SEVEN other photographers throughout the 4-day adventure, all teaching different stuff.


What is ECE? It is a FABULOUS educational platform that basically teaches you everything I've learned about boudoir photography in my 13+ years of business. It is a 10-week, 8-module photography educational program that is JAM PACKED with so much information...seriously you guys...I could easily break each of these modules up and sell them just as a one-off because there is so much value.

Who is ECE for? Every person that either is or wants to be a photographer. Though the information is geared toward boudoir photography, every single module is also relevant for other genres (see below). So whether you're a seasoned photographer looking to branch out into boudoir or editorial photography, a new photographer that knows this is your game, or a photographer that just can't seem to get over that bump into 6 figures, this program is for you!

Why did we start ECE?For two reasons. One, I get asked a lot (A LOT) of questions about how I do what I do. I have been at this for quite a long time and I have been full time in this business since the doors opened in 2005. So, I thought it was time take alllllllll of this information, package it and put it out there. Two, it just made sense. You either continue as you are, scale your business or move it into a brand new direction. This direction was so exciting for us I am SO THRILLED to be teaching!

What are Modules and what do they include? Modules are individual workshops containing (SO MUCH) information on one particular topic. I wanted to make sure every module was a full workshop in and of itself. So every module contains a film of me teaching (one is taught by John and the other by Lola) the subject, a PDF download of the entire module, homework if applicable, free templates if applicable, and tips and and tricks. There are also quite a few bonus films that are pretty exciting too! The modules include Shooting in Manual, Posing for Straight Sizes and Curvy Sizes (with posing guide), How to Earn $1,500 to Build Your Portfolio (with templates), Making Paperwork Sexy (with examples and templates), The VIP Client Experience (from initial inquiry to product delivery: every step I take with ever client, includes TONS of templates), Reveal & IPS & Packages & Self Worth, Marketing Your Business Smart (taught by John), and Building Your Business Online (taught by Lola). Each module will be released once a week, giving you plenty of time to learn, absorb, ask, and complete any assigned tasks for the week. There will be 2 breaks to catch your breath and get all your homework and assignments caught up.

What does the fee include? Well, it includes access to all 8 modules, access to me as your educational guide, access to John & Lola as well, lots of freebies and bonuses, a SUPER AWESOME forum where you can individualize your own page and keep track of content and assignments and all while connecting with others in the workshop for support and community, and so much more...I can't even remember half of it...

BONUS: Once you join, you are a lifetime member. So any and all new content added will be yours to access anytime you want, at no charge.

Who is "We/Us"? We/Us is Me: Co-Owner | Lead Educator | Photographer | Boss Queen. John: Co-Owner | Film Maker | Head Sherpa. Lola: Operations Specialist | Tech Geek | Glue that Holds it All Together. Ella & Augie: Support Staff | Laugh Givers | Hug Lovers

Am I still shooting?Yep! Although I am slowing down my shoot schedule and am restricting the number of shoots I take in a month, I am still shooting. So keep the inquiries coming!

How can I find out more? Well, our doors officially open on 10/1/18, but DEFINITELY head on over to the site, check things out and sign up for the newsletter. We already have a few blog posts up I think you'll like and signing up for the newsletter will get you immediate access to everything as it is released.

You can also follow me on Instagram and give our new page on Facebook a LIKE so you can keep up to date on all things ECE.

Hope to see you soon, either at ECE or in Colorado!