It's Not About Him

Love Yo Self-1

Love Yo Self-1

And it never was. I get it though. You saw the photos from someone else's shoot and you daydreamed for so long about it, you knew you had to make it happen. But then the constant arguing in your own head just wouldn't let up. "It's so expensive. I can't spend money like that on myself! It's so indulgent. Why would I think in a million years I deserve such a selfish day? What would I even do with photos of myself?"

And then you come up with a reason that justifies all of your concerns: you'll do it for him.

But is it really for him? Or is it just an excuse to get yourself into my studio? And here's the thing: if you think it's for him, you will base it all on him, completely discounting anything for you. However, if you think it's for you, then the entire day becomes about your own experience and how you wish to memorialize the day and how you desire to see yourself in photographs. You have to remember, this day isn't just a day come and gone; this is a day that lives far longer than you do because every time you look at the photos that were created on this day, you are instantly transported back to that very day. Do you want that day to be about his reaction? Desire? Wish list of clothing and poses?

Maybe you do, and that's totally ok and even sweet and very generous on your part. Just remember: this is your day, your decision, your dream and your body. All of those things completely belong to you and only you.

You're worth it all on your own, girl. No justification needed.