Afternoon Cocktails with E: a Facebook Livecast Summer Series



You read that right! Starting May 17, I will be doing a Facebook Livecast every Thursday at 2pm. I'm so excited! If you're a reader of my blog, then hopefully you've picked up my theme of self-love, self-worth and self-acceptance. Not surprisingly, my most popular blog posts are the ones that focus on these topics. I believe it's because every woman can relate, and knowing we are not alone in our struggle to love ourselves is so comforting. I was in my car, talking with my husband, John, about some of the stories I've been writing about on this blog. He can always hear in my voice how impassioned I am about women and our shared battles with self image. After relaying to him a story about my most recent client he said, "You should really do a podcast." We've talked about this before and I'm so busy I just don't even have an interest in it. But then he recommended a livecast on Facebook and for some reason that hit ok with me. I think because I am a visual person, although the thought of being live is a bit nerve-racking for me....

Then I got excited and BAM! Here we are. Some I will do alone, like the first one, while others will be with guests who have a story to share that I think my followers would really enjoy and connect with.

So what will we talk about? Well, no topic is off limits so we will talk about self care and love, lighter topics like hair and makeup tips, heavier topics like sexual assault and transgender issues. We will talk about our ongoing, inner brawl with ourselves over weight and the myth of perfectionism. We'll talk about marriage, divorce, motherhood and tribe-hood. But one thing I want to make note of: the foundation of this livecast will be woman-centered with a focus on empowerment, self love, awareness, care, perception, image and love. I know that sounds all hippie and shit, but and I both know we need it (she says exhausted due to years of just trying to survive). Yes--I will also talk about my photography, if anyone is interested, but more from a personal and intimate point of view than from a technical or business perspective. Oh...and lots of humor, you guys. You know I can't do anything without being a total goof and laughing my face off. You're welcome.

It is also my goal to provide real and tangible tasks that any woman listening can implement to begin that journey of self acceptance. My hope is that the stories will inspire you and the methods will motivate you to take real steps that will make those thoughts in your head become a bit more gentle to yourself.

Each livecast will be about 30 minutes and there will be time at the end to answer any questions. I hope you'll join me each week.

Peace, love and lots of wine! xoxoxo E