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Do you have any idea how much I adore my clients? Probably not. And I really mean that. Listen, these women come in and bare all to me, and I mean that in body, mind and soul. I respect that deeply.

When I started this side of my business years ago, women came to me for one reason: to acquire a gift for their lover. It was during those first few years that I saw how genuinely these sessions affected my clients. Some came to me to celebrate an upcoming marriage. Some came to me to try and save a current marriage/relationship. Some came to me to celebrate the end of a marriage/relationship. And I realized very early on that, although women had told themselves this was for him, it was really for themselves...he was just the excuse to justify what I think most women would consider a pretty self-fulfilling gift (which it is and should be, unabashedly).

But over the years that changed. A lot. Now at least half of my clientele are women that just want to come celebrate themselves, their lives, and their outer and inner beauty. Yes--the results of these sessions are typically shared with a lover, and they certainly benefit greatly from this, but these women make it clear: This is for me. I want this. I want to celebrate myself.

And these women...gosh the stories...we would share so much. Tears, gasps of disbelief, deep belly laughs that I thought would never stop! You see, we women are storytellers at heart. That's how we bond. We bond through our stories of love, loss, pain, suffering, recovery, survival...our moments of becoming the Phoenix rising up and taking our lives back and finding true happiness. Once we share these stories with another woman, we are beholden to one another. And that, my dear ladies, is precious to me.

There is a string around my heart that ties me to each and every woman that has graced my studio door. Each story is now ingrained into me and yes, each woman left me better than they found me. This is simply because they trusted me, they confided in me and, as this deeply soulful, incredible and strong woman says in this filmed testimonial: some even found themselves again with me.

That is profoundly beautiful to me.

I love before & afters, but it never dawned on me till now that I could and should share the stories of clients before their sessions, and their stories after their sessions. I am lucky enough to have a client base that loves me as much as I love them, so I had plenty of clients that wanted to tell you all about themselves, why they came to my studio and how that changed them.

So, please give a listen to Kylie. She is not only so obviously beautiful on the outside, but if you can imagine it, her insides far outshine even that beauty. Her grace, elegance and passionately kind heart make me so incredibly lucky to have her in my life.

Pittsburgh Portrait Photographer-1-2

Pittsburgh Portrait Photographer-1-2

(PS--that adorable floral arrangement in the background that I'm trying to dry out is from Mt. Lebanon Floral. If you're not familiar with them, you should get to know them. Unlimited talent, professionalism and kindness.)