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Pittsburgh Contemporary Portrait Photographer-1

Pittsburgh Contemporary Portrait Photographer-1

She came to me because she has a birthday coming soon and celebrating an anniversary with her husband. But mostly, she told me, she came to see me because she felt it was time to capture herself. She said she wanted to have something to look back on that truly embodied who she believed she was at this moment in her life: independent, strong, beautiful, a mother and wife and, simply, a woman. Not just for her. No--these photos weren't just for her. Yes, of course they will be a gift to her husband, but more so they will be a legacy that she leaves behind, she said. She wants her children to someday look at these photos with their adult eyes and understand that their mother was all the things that brought her to me to capture in that first paragraph above. Make no mistake; that's important and you know it.

Mother's Day is coming. It's time for you mamas to come from out behind the scenes and not only celebrate yourself (for once) but to also do something important that leaves behind the legacy of your choosing

I highly recommend a legacy that provides an experience of a lifetime while capturing photographs that will last long after you do, will take you back to that very day and all the fun, jitters and glamour you felt every time you look at those photos and finally, takes everyone's breath away every time they look at them as well...but I'm a bit biased.

If you're interested in a session, know a mom that would be, or want to celebrate with your mom in a double photo shoot, contact me. Gift Certificates available.

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