Rockin' That Fierce Faux-Hawk | Pittsburgh Fashion & Beauty Photographer

pittsburgh-fashion-photographer-004I can't even stand how much I love how this whole look came together. This is what happens when 2 creative minds get together and purge their creative demons. I told Lee Ann the inspiration behind this shoot, she came up with this delicious hair and makeup styling to bring it all together. As I said before, finding this sheath pretty much made me pee myself. Finding the perfect bodysuit to go under it the day before the shoot just about made me faint. LOVE when things just come together. Can you pick out which photo were taken with the super cool Petzval lens and which were taken with the pinhole lens? Hint: the latter gives it a painting effect. Neither are crystal clear, which is what I love about them. If you don't love this set from this shoot as much as I do, please lie. I'm quite smitten with it.

Curious about the process? Make sure to watch the behind-the-scenes film by John.pittsburgh-fashion-photographer-005pittsburgh-fashion-photographer-006pittsburgh-fashion-photographer-002pittsburgh-fashion-photographer-008pittsburgh-fashion-photographer-003pittsburgh-fashion-photographer-001pittsburgh-fashion-photographer-007

And can I tell you something? After I posted a few of these photos I had a slew of women contact me about how they wish they could do this kind of shoot. And can I ask you a question? Why can't you??

So here is my question to you (and more to come on this later): What is YOUR definition of "boudoir photography". And another: if you could define it anyway you wanted, if you could be photographed in anyway YOU wanted...what would that look like?

Then THAT is what boudoir photography is, to you. And that's all that matters.

Photographer, creative director & fashion styling: Me, of course😉 Hair & makeup styling: At Home Beauty Original artwork & Cinematography: John Craig Media Everyday woman turned model for the day: Erica Jurkowski Gray sheath: Yasmin Kianfar Nude bodysuit: Forever 21