Fun in the Boudoir

elizabeth-craig-boudoir-photography-7This was just the session I needed! I absolutely adore every single one of my clients and I'm so happy to say that I'm lucky enough that about 90% stay in touch with me far after their sessions. This is my hope with this lovely lady. At every turn we were giggling, sharing stories and just downright having a damn good time. Can you believe the legs on this gorgeous gal?? I swear I could have just photographed those long lovelies all day long. And also that smile. Every time I had Ms. A right on point with that sexy stare she'd bust out laughing. I, of course, couldn't help it and split a side right along with her.

And that's what it's all about, yes? Girl time in the boudoir that just so happens to result in stunning, timeless photos for all of life. Not a bad day at all.

elizabeth-craig-boudoir-photography-5elizabeth-craig-boudoir-photography-6elizabeth-craig-boudoir-photography-8Makeover by Beauty Justified.