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elizabeth-craig-fashion-photography-pittsburgh-003This is what happens when you combine art & fashion. As you know, I gravitate towards beauty & fashion in my photography, while John gravitates more towards abstract expressionism. Well, John had this really incredible idea to combine them into one shoot...and it was brilliant. Those photographs you see in the background are John's. I'm sure it won't surprise you to hear that we have a few of our works throughout our home. But what may surprise you is that, other than photographs we've taken of our beautiful daughter, there really aren't many photos, otherwise, from either one of us. As John likes to say, "My best photo is the next one I take", meaning there will always be a desire to outdo ourselves. And that's not a bad thing. But in the case of these 2 photos, I just had to have them. And I had to have them BIG.

Not so long later, two 30x40 canvas photographs were ordered. I call the gray one Breakfast at Tiffany's because there is something quite graceful about it. In fact, to me it looks like a painting rather than a photograph. The blue and black photo I like to call Dark & Stormy. Can you guess which is my favorite and which is John's? Probably not hard for you.

In any case I immediately contacted Lee Ann from At Home Beauty, since she has been my partner-in-crime lately with these outside-of-the-box shoots. And not a shocker--she was in. I like to give a little direction in terms of hair and makeup for sessions that are more fashion-based, but mostly I like handing the reigns over and letting the professional flex her creative muscles when figuring out final looks. Lee Ann had this incredible idea to give our leading lady a gorgeous faux-hawk updo and wow...I'm still blown away. The ponytail was our way of making our 2nd look a bit less complicated but what I am still staring at with goggly eyes is the makeup. So perfect and dead on.

You know what else I credit Lee Ann with? Finding Erica, our lovely subject for the day. Both Lee Ann and I knew instantly we wanted a blonde for this project but we had a hard time nailing down a gal with striking eyes, which is what we both had an instinct we needed for these looks. Erica just so happens to follow Lee Ann on Instagram. Lee Ann texted her photos to me and, BAM! We knew it. We had to have her be a part of this shoot. Believe it or not, Erica is not a model; she is an accountant. I was so happy to hear this because I actually love working with everyday women on any shoot I do. It's kind of an important message to me, so I was thrilled to be able to tell all of you that Erica is no model; she's a brilliant, successful and yes, beautiful, everyday gal. Love that!!

The wardrobe was easy for me to come up with. I found that Yasmin Kianfar gray laser cut sheath at a 2nd hand shop in Philly. Original price: $962.00. My price: $30. No--you're not reading that wrong. I'm still peeing myself a little over that. Originally I was going to pair it with a black bodysuit but the 2nd black lace dress already had a black bodysuit built in and I wanted something a little different. I found that nude bodysuit the day before the shoot while perusing through Forever 21 (not even kidding this is by far my most fave store for picking up cool finds for my studio wardrobe). That lace sheath is from Forever 21 as well. It's been hanging unused in my studio for months. Loved breaking it out and it fit like it was made for our gal. And that final bodysuit...I'm still gaga over it. That came from the same 2nd hand shop as the Yasmin for about 1/2 that price. Not sure if you can tell in this photo but it has this uber cool wrap around the's just so damn sexy.

And you absolutely have to watch John's behind-the-scenes film below. These films just seem to bring everything together so beautifully.elizabeth-craig-fashion-photography-pittsburgh-001elizabeth-craig-fashion-photography-pittsburgh-002

Photographer, creative director & fashion styling: Me, of course😉 Hair & makeup styling: At Home Beauty Original artwork & Cinematography: John Craig Media Everyday woman turned model for the day: Erica Jurkowski Gray sheath: Yasmin Kianfar Nude bodysuit: Forever 21 Black lace sheath: Forever 21 Black bodysuit: Rise of Dawn