Something Old, Something New | Bridal Photography

elizabeth-craig-bridal-photography-pittsburgh-001And I'm not only talking about this set with this beautiful bride. I'm also talking about the style of lenses I used in this shoot. You can tell the difference in the lenses if you look closely. The clear photographs are from a lens created with today's technology, the grainy blurry ones were created with technology first used in 1544. Pinhole photography is a very simple concept but it's not exactly easy to use. You can't see what you're photographing. You know how, even with a film camera, you can look through the view finder and compose your subject? You can't do that with a pinhole lens. You see black. So it takes a few frames, and definitely a tripod, to get a good composition. Anyway...enough of the history lesson today. Really, what I love about it is the effect it gives the photograph. Yes, I could do that in post-production, but the process is what gets me going.

Now, let's talk about that beautiful bride. Meghan got married 7 years ago and she didn't end up with the photographs she thought she would from her wedding day. So, she came to me for some bridal portraiture and I'm tickled pink that she did. Her wedding dress still fit her like a glove and it was so rich, sexy and timeless. So she put her something old on, and took new photographs for that something old.

It was exciting to see Meghan so happy to put that dress on again. How many of us want to do that?? A second chance to put your gorgeous wedding dress on AND get photographed in a professional studio, with all the time in the world plus a makeover to finish off your day? Hmmmm....well that just sounds about perfect to me. elizabeth-craig-bridal-photography-pittsburgh-002elizabeth-craig-bridal-photography-pittsburgh-003elizabeth-craig-bridal-photography-pittsburgh-004elizabeth-craig-bridal-photography-pittsburgh-005elizabeth-craig-bridal-photography-pittsburgh-006elizabeth-craig-bridal-photography-pittsburgh-007elizabeth-craig-bridal-photography-pittsburgh-008elizabeth-craig-bridal-photography-pittsburgh-009elizabeth-craig-bridal-photography-pittsburgh-010elizabeth-craig-bridal-photography-pittsburgh-011Makeover by Hannah Conard Beauty.