On the Road Again!

john-craig-media-night-photography-001Super excited to share this travel film with you John and I did while off on our photography, shopping, art and food travels. See, every year John and I take a road trip to wherever our heart desires to take in the art scene, eat buckets of vegan food and give John some time to feed his vinyl record addiction. We typically call it our Vegan & Vinyl Tour, or V2 tour. However, this year, John made a fabulous suggestion to add another V: Vintage. If you know me at all, you know how much I love trolling second hand stores looking for steals that I can recycle for the studio wardrobe or for myself. Pittsburgh has a vast ocean of second hand stores so it's been easy to suck up some awesome finds.

But yes, why not add this to our yearly tour? I couldn't believe I didn't think of it myself!! So off we went. Three nights and 4 days. Two nights in Philly, one in DC.

Here's my quickie wrap up.

Philly: you are awesome. I loooooooove Rittenhouse Square and we were able to score an inexpensive airbnb listing right off the square so the location was superb. The food: A-mazing. Yes--we like to hit up all the vegan restaurants when we travel. Why? Because we were vegan for a time being and I still cook a lot of vegan foods. However, living in the 'Burgh, there are not a lot of options....or should I say really incredible, inventive, creative, take-a-bite-and-kill-over-right-there-because-you've-never-tasted-anything-so-good options. So, when we go to a major city we love to dive right into what we can't get at home. And oh my gosh, Philly did not disappoint. We found the most incredible spot ever but you'll have to watch the film to find out what hot spot it was (we ate there twice in one day). Shopping: meh. The second hand store scene was just ok. I did get to visit my beloved, Anthropologie, which I visit in every city so that made me feel better in my heart.


DC: you are awesome as well! We stayed in a different part of town this time and it was a good time taking in a completely different area that our usual (between Georgetown and Dupont Circle). Food: Terrrrific! We love the Founding Farmers. That place never ever gets old to me (yes, this is one place I love to revisit). Shopping: absolutely divine. Your second hand shops are really awesome. Mercedes Bien Vintage...that vintage wool coat with the fur color...I practically sleep in it. That handbag...truly one of a kind and the blazer is to die for. Current Boutique: Modern Consignment...love love love that the front of your store is a boutique with new clothing and the back is second hand gems. The Madewell bag I snagged off the store associate before she could even put it on the floor...simply scrumptious.

So, don't take my word for it; watch the film. It's so funny and fantastic!!!