And So She Did...

vintage-romantic-boudior-photography-elizabeth-craig-photography-056...step out of her comfort zone and gave me full control. That takes a lot more bravery than you think it does. Why? Because I guarantee you're reading this thinking about a session with me and already envisioning what you want it to look like. Now think about throwing all of your ideas away and giving complete control over to a complete stranger. Gives you little tickles in your belly, doesn't it?? We women are such a rolling, continuous dance of contradictions, aren't we? We are so self-conscious wanting to fit in, yet stand out in our uniqueness. We want to be beautiful, but not believe that we are when someone tells us so. We want to be remembered in this life, and documented in a way that leaves a legacy, but we panic at the thought of stepping in front of a camera. you see how brave this women really is.

She came in dancing this dance I described above, yet stripped herself of everything and allowed me to do whatever I wanted. That pretty much makes her the best client ever. ;-)

So c'mon brave one...I'm waiting...


Totally amazing transformation by Hannah Conard of Hannah Conard Beauty.

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