To Me From Me

pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-elizabeth-craig-photography-0001Yes--he will get a gift showcasing these absolutely stunning photos of this absolutely stunning gal, but this gift was actually from her, to her. And it was a gift well given: when she saw her photos for the first time, she cried. More and more I'm finding myself photographing women that want a session just for themselves. My motto used to be "A gift for him. An experience for you" but I'm finding less and less of my clients fit into that category. Now it's "A gift and experience for me that he gets to benefit from". I can get on board with that.

Every time a woman leaves my studio they say the same thing: Every woman should do this! I happen to agree with them. Yes, I'm biased but not only for the reason you may think. OK--so making money off of something I am head over heels in love with doing is a daily gift for me, but watching each and every woman take hold of their own power, their independence, that secret ingredient that all women know we have because that's what makes us women...that is something to see.

So, cheers to you. Actually, cheers to you from you. Even better.


Bee-you-tee-ous-ness makeover by Hannah Conard of Hannah Conard Beauty.