Alexis & Justin | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers

pittsburgh-wedding-photographers-elizabeth-craig-photography-003Ohhhh my....I love when a couple gets all brave on me and has an outdoor wedding. If you're not from this area, then you might not know how risky that is, but we actually rival Seattle every year for rainfall. I know! Hard to believe but it's true. Alexis and Justin were just the brave couple to put up their dukes and tell Mother Nature to back off for a day. And my my my...She came through. Not only was there not an ounce of rain, but the clouds were big, puffy and stark white. The sky was a gorgeous deep blue and ever blade of grass and every leaf put on their best shade of green for the day. Even the lilypads showed off their very best.

And what a lovely day it was. Congratulations Alexis & Justin! You did it and you did it with flair!