The Beauty of Confidence | Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer

pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-elizabeth-craig-photography-003So, what is the "beauty of confidence"....exactly?? Well, how about we break it down a little. First, let me tell you that Jennie here decided that her boyfriend had been such an incredible guy over the last year that he deserved a bit of a...surprise, shall we say? I'm just going to guess that her boyfriend now introduces her as "Hey this is the best girlfriend any guy could ever be lucky enough have, Jennie." Ok--back to the matter at hand. Beauty & confidence. You see, for me those words kind of go hand in hand. I'm not sure you can have one without the other. Being confident, to me, makes you beautiful. Being beautiful (inside and out) absolutely has to come with a good dose of confidence on some level. Is there anything sexier than a confident badass woman killin' it out there everyday, gettin' bidness done??

So, the beautiful thing about confidence is that it also gives you permission to love yourself, be good to yourself and yes, do good things for yourself. I think you know where I'm going here.

I've never had a woman bust into my studio proclaiming their awesomeness of all awesome bee-you-tee-ousness (that's a word. I just made it up. It's a word). Women come in pretty timid and a bit nervous because they don't know what to expect, but I think we have to agree that everyone walks in here thinking they've still got it on some level...or they wouldn't be here. ;-) I do get "Well, good luck. I don't like getting my photos taken and I absolutely never take a good photo."

Challenge. Accepted.

So, what is the lesson here? Embrace yo-self, woman. You think you're the first woman to be nervous about a shoot with me? Psht. Pah-lease. Bring it. The lesson is: trust in your own confidence and walk away with photos like Jennie here (the best girlfriend any guy could ever be lucky enough have...remember??)


Sooooo....I'll be here waiting when you're ready!

Cutie patootie makeover by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.