Real Women. No Models.

Elizabeth Craig Fashion Beauty Photography-001 Yes--I wanted to be crystal clear with my heading. Catch what I'm saying? Picking up what I'm putting down? Awesome. Let's continue this discussion.

I met with a close friend last night and she started talking about the photos and shoots I've been posting lately. "I love this new direction! Where did you find these models??"

Screeeeeeeeeeeech. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa there. Stop the presses. Put the brakes on. "Models??" I asked. "These aren't models. They're my clients." I said.

And then I realized I had to tell all of you this as well. I'm not photographing models, folks. These are everyday women you see in these photos. And I'm not heading in a new direction. I just happened to have a few women that were looking for more fashion-forward photo shoots. These women trusted me to dress them and take their photos.

So this brings up a really good point I want to put in the spotlight: You can do this too. Yes. You. It's just a little bit more of a creative, out-of-the-box spin on boudoir. Instead of all lingerie and lace we tossed in a few more fashion pieces. Still sexy as a mofo...just a bit more editorial.

I'm not opposed to photographing models, I just never do. I have built my business on the message that anyone can do this and I 100% believe that. So what you see is real, everyday women that allowed me to have complete creative control over everything. That's my perfect client, by the way. At first I was going to do a 70's style session with this gal and it just didn't sit with me. I couldn't see her in my head in that style of fashion. Then I was out trolling second hand shops and came across 2 pieces that flipped this session in a completely different way. She didn't even know what we were doing till she showed up. But she trusted Lee Ann with her hair and makeup and she trusted my vision. And as you can see, she was not wrong in doing so. I have 2 more outfits to show you!

So, make no mistake here...if you think you can't do this, if you're still thinking you have to wear a thong or a little lacey thingy, you're wrong. Do you think this gal's husband is going to say "Wow, nice. But I was really hoping for a lace teddy." I think not.

On another not, be sure to watch John's behind-the-scenes. Good stuff...good stuff. Oh, and a special thanks to 7 Charming Sisters for allowing us to borrow the jewels, dahlings, whose message is the same as mine: real women, real life, kickin' ass.

Elizabeth Craig Fashion Beauty Photography-002Elizabeth Craig Fashion Beauty Photography-003

Photography, wardrobe styling and creative directing: Moi, of course Hair & Makeup: At Home Beauty Jewelry: 7 Charming Sisters Cinematography: John Craig Media Gold jacket: Michael Kors