In Her Skin

Elizabeth Craig Beauty Photography-013This is by far my most favorite set of the day while photographing Alaina. I think it's because it's so raw and so dark. That hair....oh that hair. How I wish I could wear that hair just like that everyday of my life! Two sets of extensions for that hair. You may be wondering about that dress. It was a gift to me on my 40th birthday from a gal that collects very old things. She had this amazing late 1900's gauzy dress that she gave to me because she knows how much I like to repurpose dresses and fashion. I washed it and thought of a billion different things I could do with it, but in the end, I left it be and I'm so glad I did. Double that with black and white and whoa mama...I'm so happy right now.

Elizabeth Craig Beauty Photography-010Elizabeth Craig Beauty Photography-009Elizabeth Craig Beauty Photography-008Elizabeth Craig Beauty Photography-011Elizabeth Craig Beauty Photography-012Elizabeth Craig Beauty Photography-014Incredible gorgeousness by Hannah Conard of Hannah Conard Beauty.