Not Your Mama's Bridal Portrait

Pittsburgh Bridal Portraits | Elizabeth Craig Photography-004So, you may wonder occasionally why I do side project shoots. Well, I do them for a lot of reasons, one big one being that I can bring my own ideas to fruition with little pressure. It's a fun way to get things out of my's like a purge. Though this one came together last minute, it allowed me to kinda accidentally bring front and center an idea I've had for a while: bringing back the bridal portrait.

You remember those, right? The bride gets dressed in her gown before her wedding day and takes a day to have photographs taken of just her, just in her gown. Though the south still does this, on a much simpler level, the tradition has really faded.

Well. I want to bring it back. Why not spend some time in that dress that you've been dreaming about since you were a little girl? You know, the one that took you forever to find, then you did, your mom cried when they put the veil on and at night you had visions of your wedding dress circling your sweet little head as you slept?? Well, you put enough time and energy into finding it. I'm sure not just a little money went into getting it juuuuust right. Why not spend a little extra time in it AND have absolutely stunning, editorial-style beauty photographs taken of you in it??

I'll be waiting...

Pittsburgh Bridal Portraits | Elizabeth Craig Photography-006Pittsburgh Bridal Portraits | Elizabeth Craig Photography-005

Crazy stunning amazing makeover by Lee Ann Boersma of At Home Beauty. Special thanks to One Enchanted Evening for the dress!