Every Woman Should do This...

...she said, after seeing the photos taken of her being photographed in lingerie for the first time. That's an answer I can get behind. Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 2.58.02 PM

There I was, perusing through the app The Scene, looking for any videos of interest, and I came across one titled "Lingerie throughout history", and I thought 'Well, yeah...that seems relevant for me.' It turned out to be a photo shoot of random, every day women asked to do a professional photo shoot featuring their lovely selves in lingerie.


But then I saw the follow up video of each of these everyday women being shown their photos for the first time and I loved it. Each woman was so absolutely convinced that they were not going to like their photos.

Ahem. Ladies that have been photographed by me: how do you think that turned out for them? Yes. You're exactly right. They. Were. Thrilled. Not only that but each was so impressed with themselves because they really didn't believe they could do it. But they did. They kicked ass, as I'm quite sure the photographer completely expected.

When will you women begin to believe that you are each a powerhouse goddess just waiting to take over the world??


So...whatcha waitin' for?