The Girl Next Door

Elizabeth Craig Photography Boudoir Photography-3I am lovin' this white on white thing I got goin' on lately. J here had "girl next door" written all over her. She was funny, quick to give a big laugh and it seemed to me a set with a more casual and flirty feel would fit right in with her. And it did. Lots more to show you but how much do you love her freckled face?? Just so stinkin' cute. What do you think of that last shot? It was taken with my new lens that I haven't really had a lot of time to play with. It's the Petzval 85, which is a super soft lens that gives a photo that yummy, milky, blur kinda thing. I think I'm smitten.

Elizabeth Craig Photography Boudoir Photography-1Elizabeth Craig Photography Boudoir Photography-2Elizabeth Craig Photography Boudoir Photography-4Elizabeth Craig Photography Boudoir Photography-5Sweet little makeover by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.