Talking Portraits

Pittsburgh Portrait Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-1That's what I think portraits should do, don't you? When you look at them, they should say something to you. Do I mean literally? No, although I know that's the new thing on the newest phones...but I think in this instance that would be a little creepy. What I mean is, a photo should tell a story to you, or in the least, it should speak to you on some level. It should encourage some kind of reaction, whether it's a smile, a tear or even just staring into the eyes of the person that is looking back at you from the photograph.

That's what I see when I look at these 2 photographs. I feel a connection to both, but in very different ways. In the 2nd photograph below, it's the connection in her eyes...and oh my gosh...those freckles. Those freckles!! The 1st above, it's obvious, but if it didn't make you smile there's something wrong with you.

If your photos don't give you a reaction, it's a clear missed opportunity to encapsulate a true moment in time. And, well...that's just boring. ;-)


Pittsburgh Portrait Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-2