Confidence Restored

Sweet 16 Photo Session-0001 So, remember Emily?? How could you forget really...she's been allllllll over my blog. Well, this is my first post for her 2nd session with me. And it looks like we'll be doing a 3rd in the next few months. LOVE that because Emily has turned into my muse! After both sessions Emily's mom reserved with me, she told me she was so so happy that she could do this for her because after both Reveals Emily has beamed because of the confidence boost it gives her.

Being a teen can be kinda rough, and I think it can be especially difficult for girls. Can't tell you how thrilled I am that I can toss out a dose of "Holy cork! That's ME?!? I'm gorgeous!!" Anything I can do to remind any woman, young or not, that they are in fact smart, beautiful and most of all powerful, I am all in.

Sweet 16 Photo Session-0003Sweet 16 Photo Session-0004Sweet 16 Photo Session-0002Teen Girl Beauty Photography | Elizabeth Craig Intimates-002Teen Girl Beauty Photography | Elizabeth Craig Intimates-001Teen Girl Beauty Photography | Elizabeth Craig Intimates-003Cutie patootie makeover by Hannah Conard Beauty.