She Had to Answer a Very Important Question

Pittsburgh Boduoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-1"Am I still sexy?" As a woman, no matter what your beliefs are, where you stand on feminist issues, whether your single, married, divorced, straight, gay, short, tall, curvy, thin, in your 20's or in your 60's, have babies or not....this question has absolutely been raised within the recesses of your mind at some point.

C'mon....tell me the truth. I know you've asked yourself this very question. Maybe in a different form of wording, but it's there.

This very question has led many many many women to come see me. And you know what? Nothing makes me happier than to answer this very question for them. Well, in truth it's not me answering the question; in reality, they are answering their own question. I'm just giving them the visual that helps them make an informed decision.

Know what else? I've never had a woman leave my studio with the answer "No". And this was no different for this lovely, beautiful gal you see in these photos.

She thought, because she had turned her body into that miraculous machine that can actually create a human life, she just may not be sexy anymore. And it was actually deeper than what she saw in the mirror.

She wanted to know if she even felt sexy anymore. 

You see, it's one thing to put on makeup, slide into that new outfit and look in the mirror and think "Hey, I hose down pretty nice!" But it is an entirely different thing to see yourself as desirable, to feel desirable, to want to be desired and to desire another. You know what I'm talking about here.

During various chapters of our lives, and more than once, we will wonder if we still have "it". And I don't mean "can I turn a man's head?" I mean: "Am I still powerful?" And that's a powerful question because that's really what we mean when we ask if we're still sexy.

Do I still own my power? 

Only you can answer that question. But I sure do love being a part of the process to help you come up with that answer.

Jess' makeover was incredible. She was adorable even without makeup, as you can see. But this transformation was felt deep inside her chest. She looked in the mirror and lost her breath. That smile could have lit up a room.

And then I took her photo and showed it to her...and she cried.

Why? Because in just one frame she answered her own question, and that answer was a resounding "yes". Well, to be honest it was more a of "YES!!!!!! YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!"

I can't even begin to convey how deeply satisfying it is to me when I see acceptance and self-love settle into a woman after she sees a photograph I have taken of her.

And if you think that was a moment, you should've been there when she came in for her Reveal and got to see all of her photos. Let's just say it was a good day.

So....any questions you want to ask me today? ;-)Pittsburgh Boduoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-4Pittsburgh Boduoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-6Pittsburgh Boduoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-8Pittsburgh Boduoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-3Pittsburgh Boduoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-5Pittsburgh Boduoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-9Pittsburgh Boduoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-2Pittsburgh Boduoir Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-7Gorgeous makeover by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.