It's a Burberry Thing

Burberry Boudoir | Elizabeth Craig Photography-4GAH! Just look at these adorable photos!! Funny enough, Erin just happened to grab her coat on her way out the door, not even really thinking about it for her session. But once I saw it I instantly had this vision of Burberry + fishnets. BAM! It came together quite adorably if I do say so myself! Burberry Boudoir | Elizabeth Craig Photography-5Burberry Boudoir | Elizabeth Craig Photography-6

And I just had to include the little one below too. Awesome Hannah did Erin's hair and makeup for her session and brought along her puppy for the day (who doesn't like puppies, ya know?!?) Erin immediately asked to be photographed with Ellis the puppy. I did take a photo but only on Instagram so I downloaded it to be able to blog it here for you. That's why it's at a crappy resolution.

I's a PUPPY!!!! EEEEEeeeeeeee!!!!!Burberry Boudoir | Elizabeth Craig Photography-10And once again, lovely makeover by Hannah Conard of Hannah Conard Beauty.