All for You!

Before & After Boudoir Photography | Elizabeth Craig Photography-001Who better to do a session for than yourself?? I don't think there is anyone else in this world that is more deserving of this, and the gorgeous photos that last a lifetime as a result of this, than you. Listen, I'm not saying that reserving a session to use the photos as a gift for someone else isn't a good enough reason....I'm just saying that doing it for yourself takes on a whole different personality in my studio. And it's freakin' awesome.

Women that come in for themselves soak in each moment. They revel in every single morsel of the experience. They spend more time researching wardrobe, hair and makeup looks, figuring it all out for a day at my photography spa. Hmmmm....I like photography spa.

Women go to spas to relax, enjoy, be pampered, feel beautiful and receive services that, when they walk out, make them feel refreshed, revived, recharged and pretty. I see no difference between that and what I do. ;-)

So meet E. Gosh was she a blast....she was SO EXCITED to reserve a session and her session was off the charts! Most women need a good half hour before they relax and can let their walls down enough to get comfy with the camera. Not E! Right out of the gate she instantly took to the camera, and vice versa. And yes, she did this allllllll for herselfsies. And you know what?? She totally freaking deserved it.

Come on back  E! My studio and I miss you!!!

Elizabeth Craig Lifestyle Beauty Photography-001Elizabeth Craig Lifestyle Beauty Photography-006Elizabeth Craig Lifestyle Beauty Photography-002Elizabeth Craig Lifestyle Beauty Photography-005Elizabeth Craig Lifestyle Beauty Photography-003Elizabeth Craig Lifestyle Beauty Photography-004

Beeeeyooootiful makeover by Hannah Conard of Hannah Conard Beauty.

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