Sweetest of All Sweets | Pittsburgh High School Senior Photographer

Elizabeth Craig Lifestyle Teen Beauty Photography-002Ohhhhhhhh what a DAY I got to have in the studio with this gorgeous, sweet little petite! I don't get very many teens but when I do I have to tell you, my creative mind just goes into overdrive. Fourteen is a tough age to have in my studio. That balance of young girl/young woman is a tricky thing to keep in tact. Making her happy and keeping mama comfortable is not an easy task. But with Kristina, I think we nailed it.

So funny...when I first told Kristina that I had balloons for part of the shoot you could just see the look of "You have GOT to be kidding me" on her face. But I told her she'd have to trust me. She did. It was awesome. As I predicted. ;-)

This is just a teensy sneaky peeky. Enjoy. Much much more to come!!

Elizabeth Craig Lifestyle Teen Beauty Photography-001Sweety sweet makeover by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.

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