The Wallflower

Elizabeth Craig Boudoir Beauty Photography-008So that's what she thought she was. So timid in the beginning, so nervous. Telling me over and over how she just wasn't sure she could pull this off. I typically start off with a wardrobe set that keeps my client the most clothed but I pushed her. A high-waisted pair of underwear and that was it. And it was worth it because as soon as she saw those very first few photos you could see the confidence start in her eyes. And so this little flower pushed herself off that wall.

Elizabeth Craig Boudoir Beauty Photography-006Elizabeth Craig Boudoir Beauty Photography-001Elizabeth Craig Boudoir Beauty Photography-003Elizabeth Craig Boudoir Beauty Photography-005Elizabeth Craig Boudoir Beauty Photography-002Elizabeth Craig Boudoir Beauty Photography-004Elizabeth Craig Boudoir Beauty Photography-007

Lovely makeover by Hannah Conard of Hannah Conard Beauty.

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