Sassy. Sweet. Sexy.

  Beauty Photography | Elizabeth Craig Photography-001-2Says it all, right?? We all have those sides of ourselves that come out every so often and some of them more than others. And this is why I like to photograph all of that in one session. Yes, we women are complex and layered and that's what makes us so crazy-awesome and so very interesting.

What is also interesting is how hard it is for most women to let those walls crumble down and Be you. Be me. Be whatever it is you want to be each day, even minute-by-minute.

But we get those sweet, carefree moments in the blink of any eye sometimes. You just have to revel in them and let them go. That one snap where nothing else matters except you in that moment. I want to photograph that.

Reminds me of one of my absolute most favorite verses by one of my absolute most favorite singer/songwriters, Ani Difranco. It's a song called Garden of Simple and the verse goes like this:

"we were standing in a garden and I had a machine that made silence it just sucked up the whole opinionated din and there were no people on the payroll and there were no monkeys on our backs and I said, baby show me what you look like without skin"

Yes yes that. I want to photograph that too.

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I'm ready when you are.

Gorgeous makeover by Hannah Conard of Hannah Conard Beauty.

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