She Wanted to Feel Pretty

"As of 11:30 last night the smile had not left Emily's face. I just want you to know that I am in tears thinking about it. This has been the hardest season of her life and she still wears it on her face but you were able to bring out something in her that I haven't seen in a long time. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart." High School Senior Beauty Session Pittsburgh-002

I'm so excited for you to meet Emily, my latest muse. Likely one of the sweetest young ladies I have met in a very long time. Emily's mom contacted me because Em has been going through a rough time lately (remember being a teenager?? Yikes) and she wanted Emily to get back in touch with the lovely, beautiful gal that she had lost a bit of faith in lately. I was thrilled. I was beside myself waiting with a horrible lack of impatience to photograph this gorgeous young lady (inside and out). I was ecstatic to think I could be a part of anything that would help a young person believe in herself again.

She just wanted to feel pretty. She wanted to have a fun day, in the studio, playing dress up and having the time of her life. And that we did. My gosh I can't begin to tell you the fun I had with Emily.

And when I showed Emily and her mom the photos there wasn't a dry eye in the house...and that means "job well done" on my part. Even better, we have a 2nd session already on the books for Take 2. YAY!!!

So, I have about a bazillion photos to share with you. And I had all bazillion of them up on this post but I have to tell you, there truly are some really really amazing photos and I feel like if I post them all at once they will lose some flavor. So, I'm starting with 4 of my favorites: one from each outfit.

So. Much. More. To. Come.

High School Senior Beauty Session Pittsburgh-001High School Senior Beauty Session Pittsburgh-004High School Senior Beauty Session Pittsburgh-003

Crazy amazing makeover by Hannah Conard of Hannah Conard Beauty.