What to Wear for a Beauty or Boudoir Session

So, earlier I put up a post talking a bit about wardrobe. I'm going to continue that a bit with you all. I'm a very visual person (duh) so what better to explain different types of wardrobe for a session than through photos?? As I've said before, one of the most important things to keep in mind while trying to decide what to bring with you for your boudoir session is what you feel like when you put something on. Do you feel sexy? Frumpy? Too skinny? Too chubby? Do you feel like you could levitate in joy over that article of clothing, or that gravity has now become your worst enemy?

The point is: how you feel in your wardrobe will not only directly effect how you pull off your photo session, but also your overall experience.

I have seen it so many times. A woman brings what she thinks she should bring to a session, only to discover later that what she brought didn't align with her own style or didn't even make her feel as if she looked good. Both of these things can make or break your session for you.

Listen: I love what you call your saggy boobs. They are sexy, can nourish life and make a population jealous that you can fill out a bra. I love your big bum. It's curvy, shows me who's boss in a photo shoot and makes you look like a woman. A w.o.m.a.n. Your big thighs demand respect and convey power. Your belly is your epicenter and it hurts when you laugh too much, lays satiated after a fine meal with friends and yes, occasionally gets in your way while bending over to zip up your designer boots. What I'm saying here is I have absolutely no problem with any part of your body. If none of these things above is important to you, then it's not important to me. I've had size 2's in my studio drive me insane over a fold of skin in their side when they bend. I've had a size 22 in my studio that could not get enough photographs of her butt in a thong. Which do you think I enjoyed more??

It's about ownership, self-acceptance and feelin' damn fine about yourself.

With that said, I am perfectly aware that accepting one's perceived flaws is a difficult task at hand. Thankfully, I have some magic up my sleeves (or....super simple advice to give) when it comes to setting yourself up for success.

I like that: Setting Yourself Up for Success. It's a very important concept to keep in mind when choosing a wardrobe for your shoot because I cannot begin to tell you how many women completely sabotage themselves by very simple mistakes. As such, I'm going to list every comment that lead to me trying to avert disaster in a shoot. I'm following this up with a bit of advice and a visual or 2.

**Note: This section below is ONLY for the women that find these areas on their bodies in need of some TLC. Do not mistake this for me telling you that if you have areas on your body that do not conform to society's ridiculous barometer of what is sexy that you should cover them or change them. If it were up to me, I'd declare all cellulite, wrinkles, blemishes and wobbly bits sexy as a mofo...god knows I'd be one badass sexy powerhouse if that were true. This is only for those looking for some advice on how to accentuate what you love and camouflage what you don't.

My arms are fat. And then they pull out their strapless bodysuit, tank top, bras and ask to do nudes. Oy. If you don't like your arms, you really do need to bring things to help me help you. And there are so many articles of clothing that can help. Blazers, cardigans, robes, wraps, scarves, shirts with short sleeves, lingerie that has sleeves.

I don't like my bellyAnd then I get shown 5 bra and panty outfits. Ladies--there are so many sexy, gorgeous clothing pieces out there for this. Bodysuits are way in AND with the whole vintage craze still going strong, shapewear has become uber cool overnight. There is no reason, should you feel your belly is your worst enemy, that it ever needs to see the light of day in your session.

My boobs are saggy. Or I don't have any boobs. And I'm treated to an array of clothing pieces that offer zero bust support. So, first, we all know that all you have to do is keep one word in mind for both of these issues: support. If you support larger breasts, they will rise to attention. If you offer a boost of support to smaller breasts, you can bring them to places they've never been. Illusion is your friend in every area here. Some of the photos below will be same as above because as you'll notice, the ones I reposted below offer lots of support in the breast area. And I love the under bust bodysuits because you can wear any bra you want with them, which gives you the most power over your girls!

I hate my thighs. And I look at the pile of thongs before me that she brought. Ok. So we want to minimize here. In order to do that we can use robes, pants, skirts, dresses, long nighties and low cut panties.

My butt. Ohhhh my butt. Again, with the thongs. Here we want to accentuate the curve of your beautiful bum. Boy shorts, low cut panties, pieces that draw the eye to the waist and chest. Your friend here is to create an hourglass because no matter how big the bum is, the hourglass will absolutely make it look sexy. It's the curves we crave. Why do you think a brainless chimp like Kim Kardashian got famous. It wasn't just the sex tape folks...those butt injections don't come cheap.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.41.43 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.41.34 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-26 at 12.25.37 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 12.21.26 PM

And remember....and this is so very important: you do not need lingerie to be sexy. I know that is the go-to when considering a session but you have to know that clothing can be just as sexy, if not sexier, on a woman. Just pick up any Vogue or Harper's Bazaar and you'll get it. And just in case you need help with that realization, here you go:

And if THAT doesn't convince then watch this plus-sized model bang out this shoot fully clothed like she rules the world (and she does...by the way...she's Justine Legualt).


Moral of the story? ~Love yourself. We've all heard it before: if you don't, who will? ~Be good to yourself. And that means being grateful for who you are on the inside and out. ~Treat yourself...I mean it...really treat yourself. To treat yourself is to pamper your soul. If you love it, the price tag will pay for itself in a million ways. ~Wear clothes that represent you in a real way. Wear clothes that make you feel powerful and beautiful. ~Your size, nor your body type, defines you. You are the person solely responsible for writing your own definition.

I always like to ask the question "What legacy will you leave behind." But truly, today I'm going to amend it....

What legacy will you live each day?