What You Wear = How You Feel

Pittsburgh Vintage Boudoir Photography-6My goodness...how in love with these photos am I?? It's been a while since I've had a woman in my studio that wanted to do something with a bit of a theme. But once I saw what J had in mind...well, there was just no turning back. What was really interesting was that we started with a traditional boudoir outfit. It was a lovely black lace, deep cut body suit. It looked gorgeous on J and the photos are amazing (if she will let me show you ;-)) but I could tell that J just didn't "feel" it. However, as soon as she put on the wardrobe that was very much more vintage, I realized how much it was very much her style, because instantly she was totally transformed. She was much more confident and much more relaxed. She really allowed herself to feel and act as she clearly looked: sexy and beautiful.

Goes to show you how much wardrobe plays a role in your own session. Always make sure to bring what you like and whatever is your style. J's experience is interesting, but it's not new. I get this a lot. Women think this type of shoot has a predetermined wardrobe checklist and it definitely does not.

The most important things to keep in mind when considering wardrobe is: ~Do I like it (so simple and yet so complicated all at the same time)? ~Is it my style and, if it's not, is it a place I want to be pushed to go (how small is your comfort zone)? Or is it a place I will regret? ~If I look back in 10 or even 50 years, will I cringe when I look at myself in these photos in this outfit (one decade to remember here: 80's...am I right??)? ~Am I choosing this outfit because I like it or because I think he will like it (let me let you in on a teensy secret: he's looking at sexy, confident, kick-ass photos of you. Do you think he gives a rats a** if your outfit is black or red, or lace or satin, or....whatever?!?!) ~And the most important thing you should consider when choosing clothing for your boudoir session is......Does. It. Flatter. You. I think you might be super surprised at how many women bring clothing with them and upon pulling it out of their suitcase say "I really didn't like this on me but...." Ladies: if you don't like your wobbly bits, don't bring clothing that shows off your wobbly bits. If you don't like your breasts because you think they sag, make sure to bring clothing choices that support the sisters. If you tell me you are petrified of your belly seeing the light of day, do not bring a bra and panty outfit that's made out of dental floss. If you don't like your arms, don't bring clothing that shows your arms...etc etc. And let me be clear: it's not because I won't like what you have brought with you. It is 100% because when you put it on, you will feel uncomfortable and un-sexy (is that a word??) and how do you suppose I'm going to take killer sexy photos of you when you have a look on your face like you could go run and hide in a dark, shadowy corner? When you put something on your reaction should be "Holy moly. Whoa! I look incredible!" Not, "Well, she can probably photoshop that." No no no no no. No.

In J's case, what she brought was lovely, it just wasn't her style. Which was totally fine because we were able to coordinate to bring her style to life. However, follow that checklist above and we'll make magic!

As you can see below...I am queen magic maker. ;-)

Pittsburgh Vintage Boudoir Photography-4Pittsburgh Vintage Boudoir Photography-2Pittsburgh Vintage Boudoir Photography-1Pittsburgh Vintage Boudoir Photography-3Pittsburgh Vintage Boudoir Photography-5Lovely makeover by Hannah Conard of Hannah Conard Beauty.

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