Valentine's Day is for Schmucks

Valentine's Day Boudoir Photography 2016 | Elizabeth Craig Photography-1 the title was total click-bate. Gotcha. ;-)

So--check this out. First, how awesome is it that, after leaving behind a season that requires that you give gifts that you get no benefit from, it's followed up by a holiday that gives you the opportunity to give a gift to your significant other, while also allowing you have to have an experience of a lifetime?

So, the good news is, I'm here to provide that very experience. The bad news is, I don't have any reservations left whereupon I can get an album to you in time for the big V-Day. BUT WAIT! I have something else to offer you...and's fabulous.

So, imagine, instead of handing your guy an album on Valentine's Day, you tell him you have a surprise waiting for him. Hear me out.

      1. You come into the studio before February 14 and get your inner supermodel on while we take the day and photograph you till the cows come home. That's gift #1 for you.
      2. When we schedule your big Reveal for you to come back in and see your photos, you bring your lovah with you, not telling him where he's going or what this is all about. That's gift #1 for him.
      3. You come in during an evening, lights are low, candles are lit. Champagne and goodies await both of you. And then WHAM! The Big Reveal begins as you both sit back and take in all those incredible photographs of you. That's gift #2 for both of you.
      4. You both peruse through all the products, letting him pick which he would like to showcase those amazing photos. And this is not just for him! Make sure to pick up a gift for you as well. After all, that is YOU in those photos, girl. ;-) That's gift #3 for both of you.
      5. Both of you can take your time in the privacy of your own home and choose your absolute most favorite photos to go inside the products you bought via your private online gallery. That's gift #4.
      6. You both then get to enjoy those same chosen photos on your very own private mobile app that you can carry with you wherever you go and show your badass self off to all your jelly friends. That's gift #5.
      7. Your stunning products come in and you both get to cherish you, in that moment of your life, documented as your legacy for life. Ohhhhhh girl...that's gift #6, and the best one of all.

So you tell me...what's better than giving your guy a gift on Valentine's Day? A gift PLUS an experience. That's what.

AND...this is a little reminder that if you reserve a session on the same day as a friend, you both get this:

Best Friend Boudoir Sessions

So instead of paying the full $425 sitting fee, you both get a $125 discount EACH off the full price sitting fee, yet you still get everything included in the full price sitting fee. Not bad, eh?

So...whatcha waiting for anyway?? Contact me at and let's start that party!