The Legacy of Beautiful You

Curvy Girl Boudoir Photography-001I can't tell you how astonishing and humbling it still is to realize how much photography can play a role in a woman's perception of herself. I am so proud (and again, humbled) to know that the fun I have in the studio, the business John and I have cultivated, nurtured and given ourselves to fully, reaches and truly touches women so beautifully. I know I've mentioned this before, but wow...I love my job. I have been so excited to watch this business unfold before my eyes and go from a fun little side project, to a full-fledged luxury service that women actually put on their bucket lists. I mean....WOW.

During the pre-session process I get to jump around with each client as they jitter their way into accepting they can really do this. And then I get to cheer them on in the studio and watch them go from nervous and quiet, to bold and powerful. You can't imagine how fulfilling it is to witness a woman come into herself in those moments. It's like a mama-moment when I can finally say to them "See! I knew you had it in you!!" And then I get to giggle with them and watch them wipe away tears when they come back in to see the live, actual proof that yes, they do indeed kick ass.

So when I get what I like to call Love Notes from my clients I love to share them with you. Mostly because it's proof for all you scaredy-cats out there that yes, you can do this too.

This beautiful woman you see in this post is one of the scaredy-cats turned true believer. She wrote me a Love Note before she even came in for her session! What a lovely gift that was. Make sure to watch the film below, as I read her note allowed so you all know what it's like to be me for a quick minute. :)

The transformation is real. As I look through my albums of past clients. As I flip through photographs that I know made a woman cry with pride. As I take moments from time to time to remember where this started, and to be so thrilled to know where it's message to you is this: the transformation is real.

How will you celebrate your Legacy?

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Incredible makeover by Hannah Conard of Hannah Conard Beauty.