Love Your Curves

Curvy Girl Boudoir Photographer-1I'm sure you're not surprised that I hear this a lot while photographing boudoir photography: "I don't look like the girls on your site. They look like models." Or it's that they look super thin, or super pretty, or You get it. I have even had quite a few women say to me: "I thought you weren't being honest when I saw the photos on your site. I thought you were hiring models and then trying to make us all believe you were photographing everyday women. Then I saw your before & after gallery, and I knew you were really, honestly photographing everyday women." Yes. Yes I do. In fact, I have photographed models and most times they're a pain in the arse. ;-) Most think they know what they're doing more than you do and don't take direction well. The everyday woman is by far the easiest to photograph because they trust me.

I photograph women of all shapes and sizes and there isn't a woman that I have worked with that didn't have some hang up about some part of her body, whether they were a size 2 or 22. But the reason you don't see a lot of curves on my site is because the curvy gals don't come out to play much. :( I get it...we live in a society that reveres "thin". Pick up any women's magazine and you'll see it. We are getting a bit better at our views (I seriously can't stand the idea Kim Kardashian but her highly-injected butt did do a serious solid to the curvy girls of the world!) but there is still a lot of work to do.

And this is why I could not wait to show you photographs from L's session. Just look at those gorgeous curves! L, of course, had some insecurities about her photo shoot....again...I have never yet photographed a woman that didn't, but L truly owned her curves. We flipped through the photos as we went and she would oooooh and awwwwww over the ones she loved. We started sweet and ended with a ton of sass and L just played the part all the way through.

Even during her Reveal she said to me: "I'm so excited to buy what I want...but my real priority is saving some money so I can come in and do it all over again." Yes....that makes my day.

So, my message is this today: love your curves. Love every twist and turn of your body, and yes...even the wobbly bits. ;-) You might be surprised how quickly they begin to love you right back. Curvy Girl Boudoir Photographer-2Curvy Girl Boudoir Photographer-4Curvy Girl Boudoir Photographer-5Curvy Girl Boudoir Photographer-3Curvy Girl Boudoir Photographer-10Curvy Girl Boudoir Photographer-9Curvy Girl Boudoir Photographer-8Curvy Girl Boudoir Photographer-7Curvy Girl Boudoir Photographer-6Curvy Girl Boudoir Photographer-11

Gorgeous makeover by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.