She Understood Her Legacy...

Pittsburgh Maternity Boudoir Photography | Elizabeth Craig Photography-0001...was to capture a new chapter in her family's life. You all know my sweet, lovely friend A by now. This was her 4th time being photographed by me and it just keeps getting better every. single. time. I looooove a woman that understands how important photography is; not just for herself, but her family as well. You don't think you'll ever show your kids your gorgeous photos of when you were a rockstar with me for a day? Reconsider. Every kid needs to know their mom is beautiful, powerful and completely fearless. Think about a moment you realized your mom was actually a real live person completely outside of your existence. Think about that moment you realized she kicked ass. That's the moment these kinds of photos bring. Don't hide the love you have for yourself; it can completely change a kid's perspective of you, and more importantly of themselves, when they see how much confidence you have in yourself. I was ecstatic when A wanted to not only celebrate her gorgeous bump with me, but that she also wanted to include her husband in part of it, and we even had the rest of the kiddos join us at the end of the session (you'll see that bucket of adorable-ness later). We had ourselves a big 'ole party up in my studio.

Goodness I love my job.Pittsburgh Maternity Boudoir Photography | Elizabeth Craig Photography-0002 Pittsburgh Maternity Boudoir Photography | Elizabeth Craig Photography-0003

Beautiful makeover by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.