Christen & Rajeeve | Married |Sneak Peek!

Holy moly. Where to begin with this wedding! I should rephrase wasn't just a wedding; it was a wedding weekend. I love love love when couples hire us to be a part of the whole kit and caboodle when it comes to their wedding bash. It really completes the whole story. It was a whirlwind but we loved every single moment. From the Jain Temple, to the Hyatt House...from the First Presbyterian Church to the Omni William Penn, it was simply magical! Pittsburgh Indian Wedding Photographer | Omni William Penn Weddings-1

So meet Christen & Rajeeve. We had been waiting a long time with ants in our pants for these wedding festivities. Not just because we knew what a stunningly gorgeous weekend it would be as we went from Indian ceremony, to rehearsal dinner to the christian wedding ceremony throughout the weekend, but also because we had the opportunity to fall in love with this couple. Christen, so genuinely kind, patient and poised. Absolutely nothing could rattle this beautiful woman. What I love about Christen is that when you are speaking with her, she makes you feel as if you are the only person in the room and there is absolutely nothing else in the whole world she wants to hear at that very moment than what you are saying. Not many people can accomplish that, but Christen has a grace about her that is so lovely. And oh my gosh...Rajeeve. I never, not once throughout the 2 days we spent with this amazing couple, found Rajeeve without a smile on his face. He was so genuinely happy to be standing right next to Christen and was not shy in the least when it came to showing the whole world how unabashedly elated he was to be getting married to her. He was so gone for her, folks. You could see it all over him. And Rajeeve's kindness was a match for Christen's every single step of the way. His gentle and gracious manner was beautiful to see in action. This dynamic duo is nothing short of a pile of sugar. :)

And I'm throwing this one below in as well. How could I not give you a teensy sneak peek of that Berta??

Omni William Penn Speakeasy Wedding Photos-1